Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Our Values

    How are you committed to the Ecosystem?
  • OpenRelay LLC has been committed to the ecosystem since joining it in early 2017! We have an Open Source ethos which drives everything we do. OpenRelay Cortex, the Ox Open Order Book, is open source. We have also contributed developer tools to the ecosystem including Massive and Fling. Rivet’s Open Source software was in part, backed by the 0x Foundation!
  • Economically sustainable what do you mean?
  • Infura gives away billions of transactions per day and employed many people funded by ConsenSys. This model is a cost center and not sustainable long term. Rivet has created a model which is financially self sustaining while attempting to find the minimum cost per transaction to ensure that the Ecosystem has as sustainable infrastructure as possible.
  • Privacy—what can you do with my request data?
  • The data in a blockchain transaction is infinitely more rich than anything which can be scraped from FaceBook. Balances, IP Addresses and much more can be gleaned from this data thus Rivet will NEVER share your data willingly for any reason!
  • OpenSource—why would you do that?
  • Rivet’s business model is built on providing an extremely high quality, highly available service. Our code is only part of that equation. Making it OpenSource contributes to the community for those who want to run their own nodes more efficiently and increases trust through transparency.
  • Q: Our Plans

    Why do you miss spell Build and Scale?
  • It’s a play on the Bitcoin term for HOLD, HODL
  • What is the BUIDL Plan?
  • The BUIDL service will give you 500,000 requests per month and you will not be asked for billing information, however, after you have consumed 500,000 requests your service will cease until the next month.
  • What is the SCAEL Plan?
  • SCAEL service will give you unlimited requests with the first 500,000 at no charge. You will provide your billing information and we will bill you for the requests you used that month at the price of $1.00 USD for every 100,000 requests.
  • Billing for Rivet is like AWS, billed by request and post paid at the beginning of the next month.
  • Can I change from SCAEL to BUIDL plans?
  • Yes, you can do that from the dashboard.
  • Q: API Keys

    Why would I need to generate multiple API keys?
  • You can use different API keys to track request usage of different applications or different environments. Eventually we will give you the ability to constrain keys in different ways—such as limiting them to interactions with specific contracts, or only accepting requests from certain IP ranges.
  • What is the deal with the two different key formats?
  • We support two different encodings for your keys—hexadecimal, and Bip39 mnemonic encoding. The hex keys are shorter and slightly easier on bandwidth. The mnemonic keys are easier to remember and talk about. They are two different encodings for the same key, so which one you use is up to you.
  • Can I toggle the format at will? What’s the impact to my application?
  • The toggle in the dashboard is just for you to see the keys in your preferred format. You can use either format in your application, or even use one format in one application while using another format for the same key in another application.
  • Q: Helpful Information for New Developers

    Examples of Web3 Libraries
  • Any Web3 library can connect to Rivet. Some examples include:
  • Web3.js: Github
  • Ethers.js: Github
  • ReadTheDocs
  • List of Tools and Documentation
  • Each of the web3 libraries listed above has its own documentation. If you are interested in interacting directly with the RPC protocol, the full protocol is documented here.
  • Q: Dashboard

    How do I change my payment method?
  • Click on the Payment Method line in the “My Account” section and a box will expand allowing you to select “Change Payment Method”. Click that and you will be prompted for your new information.
  • You will receive an email notification when the information has been successfully changed
  • What billing service do you use?
  • Rivet uses Stripe’s service for billing.
  • How do I update my email address?
  • Click on Account Email line in the “My Account” section and you will see a box expand which will allow you to change your email
  • You will receive an email notification when the information has been successfully changed
  • How do I update my Password?
  • Click on Update Password line in the “My Account” section and you will see a box expand which will allow you to change your password
  • You will receive an email notification when the information has been successfully changed
  • You will be prompted to login again after the change
  • Plan Details—what does everything mean?
  • Current plan: is the one you have selected and are currently operating under. Either the free BUIDL plan which serves you free up to 500000 requests or the SCAEL plan which charges by the request
  • Active Rate: This is how much you pay for every 100,000 requests
  • Usage: Shows your current request usage for all the keys in your account
  • Tier Max: Shows the number of requests until the next cost level
  • Days left in Cycle: Shows the number of days left in this billing cycle before the month is closed and billed.
  • Metered Cost: The cost of transactions on your plan
  • Where is Kovan?
  • Rivet is based on the Ether Cattle Initiative, which is an open source fork of Geth. Kovan is only supported by the Parity Ethereum client. We're working on how to add Kovan support, but Kovan is not supported at this time. In the meantime, we would encourage you to consider using the Goerli testnet, which is a newer Proof-of-Authority supported by most Ethereum clients.
  • My question isn’t answered here. Where can I get help?
  • will be happy to help
  • We have integrated chat on the Rivet Homepage
  • Find us on Telegram
  • Chat with us on Twitter @R_I_V_E_T