We’re committed to the success of the ecosystems we support, and we put developers first.


We will never sell or willingly share your (or your customers’) data with 3rd parties.

Open Source

By open sourcing our code, we maintain community trust through transparency.

Our Product

A solution that grows with you.

Whether you’re just getting off the ground or you’ve got millions of daily active users, Rivet has you covered.

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Simplicity at every scale.

We’ve created a system that can scale to meet the needs of our customers without adding complexity as we grow. That means you can depend on us to meet your needs without disruption in the times of high growth ahead.

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Open source OG.

Rivet was created by the same folks who brought you OpenRelay, the first open source relayer built for 0x. That’s why Rivet’s technology is open source, and why you can trust us to put our shared values before revenues.

Game on.


/100,000 requests

Pay only for what you use.

How does it work? Each month, every account gets 500k requests free. Then, for every 100k requests you make to your personalized endpoint, you will be charged $1. Dead simple, right?

You had me at $1


≈ $0.00 / month

a wordon privacy

our promise

Web3 is an antidote to the deleterious effects introduced by a regime of centralized control, where data harvested from users is the coin of a corrupt realm. And recently, a disturbing trend has emerged…the powerful centralized brokers of information that Web3 aspires to dethrone are reaching into our ecosystem in an effort to maintain the status quo—and they’re doing it using hosted node traffic.

Rivet was created in part to preserve this ecosystem’s information-harvesting immune system.

That is why we promise never to use your data, or your customers’ data, in any way that compromises privacy—and that includes monetization. What’s more, we’ve got a privacy policy to back that up. In short, you are our customer, and neither you nor your customers will ever be our products.

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rivet support

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our mantra

  • Complete, easy-to-navigate documentation that’s always kept up-to-date? Check.
  • Real human experts (read: ecosystem-experienced dev-ops engineers) who know our technology? Check, check.
  • 24/7 access with mind-meltingly-rapid response time by live chat, email and social channels? Check, check, and check!
  • At Rivet, our support mantra is “No worries, we’ve got your back!” And we’re not paying you lip service—we mean business.
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Together, we have the ability to overcome any obstacle, the wisdom to find our way and avoid pitfalls in our path, and the fearless imagination to inspire the world to follow our lead.

Join us as we fight to imagine a brighter future, see a better way, and build a better world.

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